Hello, I'm                            I design products that solve problems

natalie !

I'm currently working at the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network (PNSN) as a Designer & Program Coordinator. I focus on UX research that informs design, UI/UX design that visualizes seismic data, Visual and Print design that educates and engages the public, and PNSN's overall social media strategy.

In relation to design, some of my passions include:

  • How technology can help folks with mental and physical disabilities.

  • How design impacts scientific communities and their communication with the public.

  • How design can help eliminate certain stigmas like women in gaming and having periods.

On the side, I'm creating artwork, both digital and traditional, that you can view here!

A bit more about me now! I grew up in the pacific northwest, just outside of Seattle. I love all sorts of tea, especially earl grey. I've recently become obsessed with plants. My favorite types include alocasias, philodendrons, and calatheas. Keep up with my new plant growth here.

Send me an email if you have an opportunity, want to collaborate, or if you want to chat about design and accessibility or tea and plants! 

What am I Working on?

  • Designing the Earthquake Early Warning mobile app for Washington and Oregon.

  • Opening an online art shop to sell block prints, screen prints, and stickers.

Just For Fun​​

         Myers Briggs:  INFP

         House:  Slytherin

         Reading:  The Room

         Watching:  Avatar the Last Airbender

         Playing:  D&D, Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, Breath of the Wild